Lordboo Metal Extravaganza


This event is my first of many events to come, as one of South Africans Superfans I invite you too what I love most METAL. Everybody should come and support and epic line up and a tremendous party ,along with 8 bands the event starts at 14:00 and first band up at 16;00…the event will end at 00:00 on Sunday but the party will continue until you drop face down.
Free camping will be available for all those who attend. So bring your metal spirit and have a blast till sunrise.

I (LordBoo) will also be the Mc for the night

Metal Karaoke will be smashing the wolmer valley as well
Remember to bring extra cash for band merch!

The Pretoria Shadows will be hosting beer pong for the evening so those will to join in the party will get real

Stalls available:
La’ila Designs
Ayame Designs
Slay Leviathan Customs

Line Up
16h00: Deadline
17h00: Resurrection of Fetal Remains
18h00: Riddlebreak
19h00: Adorned in Ash
20h00: PSordid
21h00: My Columbine
22h00: Displeased Disfigurement
23h00: BloodBeast Band

Damage R80.00

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