Garnet Muller Biography

Garnet Muller-Bass

I started playing guitar at age 13. I really enjoyed it but stoped with lessons after a year as I felt as though I had learnt as much as I could from my current teacher. When I went to high school we had the choice between music and art. I obviously chose music. Unfortunately the only style of guitar that my high school offered was classical so I decided to pick the trombone instead. My dad actually suggested trombone as he played trumpet and a bit of trombone when he was at school and saw that there was a need for trombone players. He knew that if I play an instrument that’s not as popular, but high in demand, the. I’d play often. This was one of the best things he’s done as a parent because this is where I met William Bishop the trombonist for Fuzigish, bassist for the Slashdogs and former bassist for AOA. William introduced me to Van who became my guitar guru. With my dads advice of playing in instrument highly in demand, I picked up the bass. My dad was right, Within months of starting bass, I joined Bloodbeast and I haven’t looked back since.